Molybdenum Crucible

FOB Price : Negotiation
Minimum Order Quantity : 5kg
Supply Ability : 5000kg per month
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C AT SIGHT
Packing & Delivery : plastic inside and wooden case outside
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Detailed Product Description:

Molybdenum Crucible Applications:
Molybdenum crucible is sintered or forged from the ultimate material—molybdenum powder. Generally speaking, molybdenum crucible is used pure molybdenum, for its purity can prevent melting metal powder from mingling. The density of molybdenum crucible is more than 9.8g/cm3, and its working temperature is among 1100℃. Therefore, it is another ring choice, besides tungsten crucible in metal melting industry.

Molybdenum crucible is widely used in metallurgical industry, rare earth industry, artificial crystal, and machinery.

Molybdenum Crucible
* Mo content: Over than 99.95%.
* Density: Over than 9.8g/cm3
* Diameter: 100-220 mm
* Height: 100-400 mm
* Temperature: 1100 C
Packing: Plastic inside and Wooden case outside

It`s mainly used for metallurgy and machinery industry. Other sizes and special requests are available

There are three technologies using in making molybdenum crucible, as following:
(1) pressing --> sintering --> tooling.
(2) pressing --> sintering --> forging --> tooling.
(3) sheets --> deep drawing --> tooling

Customer special requests are available.

Product: Molybdenum Crucible
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